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Who Is The Alabama Turtle Farmer



     Gary Bentley embodies what it means to be an entrepreneur!  Best known as the Alabama Turtle Farmer, he has known extreme poverty and great success!  He grew up shaking the roaches out of cereal boxes and picking through garbage at the dump for food and clothes with his family.  At an early age, he began to do odd jobs to supplement the family income.  With the home-life of a non-functioning alcoholic father; Gary and his family had to overcome physical and mental abuse.  As he grew up he lived in three foster homes until age 18.  Words cannot express how thankful he is for his foster families. 


      In Gary's early adult life he worked many jobs such as dish washer, grocery store clerk, shoe salesman, and truck driver.  Throughout his journey as an entrepreneur he had little to work with aside from his entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic.  Working through multiple business ventures from restaurant proprietor to mussel shell exporter, Gary now has 30 years experience as a successful entrepreneur!  Since 1998, as The Alabama Turtle Farmer, he hatched and exported millions of baby turtles to different parts of the world!


      In addition Gary is a humorist keynote speaker that motivates audiences to overcome the negativity in their life.  He is a child advocate motivating children and those that work with them to see that there is hope and they can overcome.  He encourages volunteers, social workers, and counselors to look closely at each child they help.  At the age of 10 a special nurse gave him hope and inspired him with her kindness.  Gary now inspires health care professionals to remember the power of compassion.  He also speaks on overcoming negativity in life and business, entrepreneurship, operating a small business in a world market,  innovative farming and aquaculture, and many other topics.  Mixing his inspiring stories with his own lighthearted humor Gary entertains and educates.  He has also co-written Finding The Million Dollar Turtles:  The Big Picture of Small Business that leads the reader to see business from a broader perspective.  His non-traditional journey and unique business experiences give him stories you will love!


       Today he enjoys life with his wife and family on the turtle farm in North Alabama. 

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