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About Our Turtles

  • Bentley Turtle Farms is one of the largest producers of baby turtle hatchlings in the world!  Over 20 different species of turtles are exported around the world.  Bentley Turtle Farms is located in North Alabama on Blue Water Creek.  There are over 30 ponds, stocked with adult breeders, stretching across 100 beautiful acres.  Bentley Turtle Farms is a 100% wholesale export business.  These are some of the turtle species that we produce:

    • Common Snapper- Chelydra Serpentina

    • Spiny Softshell- Apalone Spinifera Spinifera

    • Common Musk Turtle- Sternotherus Odoratus

    • Stripeneck Musk Turtle- Sternotherus Minor Peltifer

    • Razorback Musk Turtle- Sternotherus Carinatus

    • Loggerhead Musk Turtle- Sternotherus Minor Minor

    • Eastern Mud Turtle- Kinosternon Subrubrum

    • Mississippi Mud Turtle- Kinosternon S. Hippocrepis

    • Southern Paint Turtle- Chrysemys Picta Dorsalis

    • Eastern Paint Turtle- Chrysemys Picta Picta

    • Cumberland Slider- Trachemys Scripta Troosti

    • Yellowbelly Slider- Trachemys Scripta Scripta

    • Red-Eared Slider- Trachemys Scripta Elegans

    • River Cooter- Pseudemys Concinna Hieroglyphica

    • Ouachita Map Turtle- Graptemys Ouachitensis

    • Mississippi Map Turtle- Graptemys Pseudographica Kohni

    • Common Map Turtle- Graptemys Geographica

    • And More




  • There are a tremendous amount of small details that go into having great consistent quality turtles.  From quality turtle foods to water quality to habitat selection and hatchling treatment.  It is our job to provide quality wholesale baby turtles, and we have become good at it.  Captive breeding of turtles has three main seasons: Burmation Season, Laying Season, and Hatching Season. 

  • Burmation season is our time to prepare for the next years production.  Turtles bury up in the mud during the winter and absorb oxygen from the water.

  • Laying season is very important!  Just like many other farmers there is only one chance a year to "get it right."  Laying begins slowly in the late spring until we reach a peak gathering thousands of eggs a day.  Over the years we have become very efficient at finding the nest and collecting the eggs.  Once the eggs are gathered into the incubation boxes they are placed in our hatchery.  

Snapping Turtle, Export Turtles, Snapping Turtle Hatchlings,
  • Hatching season is a very exciting time on the turtle farm!  Turtle incubation lasts around 60 days depending on the species and temperature of incubation.  When the turtles begin to hatch they start slowly just like when they were laid.  Hatching increases until turtles are hatching everyday, all day.  Bentley Turtle Farm knows the importance of not only hatching a turtle, but hatching a strong healthy baby turtle to meet customer satisfaction. 

  • Gary Bentley started Bentley Turtle Farm in 1998.  He and his family still live and work on the farm today.  If you interested in buying wholesale exported turtles or to have a turtle program about the turtle farm please contact us.


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