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        Bentley Turtle Farm is one of the largest exporters of captive bred turtle hatchlings!  Over 26 different species of turtles are exported around the world:  including Europe, South America, and all of Asia.  Bentley Turtle Farm is a 100% wholesale export business and production farm.  We do all necessary documents, CITES, and testing to export to your country.  Please contact us for a wholesale quote.

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These are some of the turtle species that we produce:

  • Common Snapper- Chelydra Serpentina

  • Spiny Softshell- Apalone Spinifera Spinifera

  • Common Musk Turtle- Sternotherus odoratus

  • Stripeneck Musk Turtle- Sternotherus minor peltifer

  • Razorback Musk Turtle- Sternotherus carinatus

  • Three Stripe Mud Turtle- Kinosternon Baurii

  • Eastern Mud Turtle- Kinosternon Subrubrum

  • Mississippi Mud Turtle- Kinosternon S. Hippocrepis

  • Southern Paint Turtle- Chrysemys Picta Dorsalis

  • Eastern Paint Turtle- Chrysemys Picta Picta

  • Cumberland Slider- Trachemys scripta troosti

  • Yellowbelly Slider- Trachemys scripta scripta

  • Red-Eared Slider- Trachemys scripta elegans

  • River Cooter- Pseudemys concinna hieroglyphica

  • Ouachita Map Turtle- Graptemys Pseudogeographica Ouachitensis

  • Common Map Turtle- Graptemys Geographica

  • And More

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Turtle Farm Scene of Turtle Exporter

Alabama turtle farmer

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